The axial fans can be speed controlled in the full range, i.e. In the entire voltage range.
The design (protection class) is carried out according to IP 44, on request also in IP 54, as well as insulated for tropics and IPx6.
The application includes all possibilities of dust-free air and of less aggressive, non-reactive gases or streams.
The exact temperature range can be taken from the corresponding data sheet in the product data, but can also be applied at a maximum continuous temperature of approx. 60 ° C.

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 Series L

Airflow x 1000m3/h

Series K

Airflow x 1000m3/h

Series M

Airflow x 1000m3/h

Series G

Airflow x 1000m3/h


Kaiser axial fans have asynchronous motors specially designed for fan construction with internal rotor. The motors are completely closed in themselves. The outer surface of the motors is provided with cooling ribs. Because the motor is in the airflow of the fan, there is good cooling for the motor, especially in the case of speed control. Other special design measures ensure 100% speed control without overheating.


The characteristics of the fans show a steady course. The fans can be used throughout the entire characteristic range. The fans are used in all areas in which larger air volumes are conveyed, so in areas of

  • The ventilation and air conditioning technology,
  • In machinery, apparatus and plant engineering
  • In the cooling technique, e.g. as device fans for heat exchangers.

The blades of the axial fans are made of a heat-resistant plastic with glass fiber reinforcement. This achieves high inherent stability so that vibrational noises are avoided. By the production in the plastic injection molding process, an ideal profiling can be achieved in order to achieve a linear and constant flow through the fan. In connection with the good motor cooling, a high efficiency is achieved with the axial fans.

As standard, the fans are available as built-on fans and built-in fans.

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