Frequency converter for Kaiser fans

There are many frequency converters on the market. Since most of our customers prefer certain brands, we do not have them in our shop.

However, we can advise you if necessary or recommend certain frequency inverters depending on your application. Not all frequency inverters are suitable for small motors.

What has to be considered as a special feature when using them is described under Technical Notes > Frequency Inverters.



Example: Frequency converter incl. sine output filter, ready for installation.

Frequenzumrichter mit allpoligem Sinusfilter


This can be obtained directly from us (Kaiser Ventilatorenbau).

Example Connection and construction of a frequency converter with built-in sine filter as shown above:


Ventilator Frequenzumrichter Anschluss

 Important notes to be considered by using  frequency converters on small motors are described in the technical notes, Frequency converters.